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  Call for Papers ENPROMER 2005

  ENPROMER series

ENPROMER began in 1997 as a biennial series of Mercosur Congresses with the objective of bringing together researchers and practitioners who are involved in the development and application of computer based methodologies for planning, design, operation, optimization and control of chemical processes. In its original version, ENPROMER represented the series Mercosur Congress on Process Systems Engineering.

In 2001, the scope of ENPROMER was expanded to include other important areas of chemical engineering such as transport phenomena, reactor engineering, food science and engineering, biotechnology, thermodynamics, materials science and environmental engineering. The series Mercosur Congress on Chemical Engineering was conceived for this expansion.

Since then, ENPROMER is held as a conjunction of the two Mercosur Congress series. ENPROMER 2005 represents the 4th Mercosur Congress on Process Systems Engineering and the 2nd Mercosur Congress on Chemical Engineering. In its 2005 edition, the academic and industrial community dealing with Technology and Innovation Management in the Chemical Industry is called to join the conference.

The conference will serve as a forum for academic researchers and industrial practitioners from Mercosur countries as well as other nations of the American continent to present the latest developments achieved in different chemical engineering areas. As the conference is intended to promote the exchange of experiences and scientific collaboration among researchers worldwide, participants from other continents are equally welcomed.

ENPROMER 2005 will also provide a great opportunity for in-depth discussions between industry and university on the practical challenges in this field to stimulate the opening of new research areas.

  Technical Program / Areas
The technical program involves nine main areas dealing with process system engineering and other important areas on chemical engineering.

1. Process System Engineering
* Synthesis and Design of Products and Industrial Processes
* Dynamics, Operability and Process Control
* Fault Diagnosis and Data Processing Planning
* Scheduling and Operation
* Computer-Aided Tools for Simulation, Optimization and Process Modeling

2. Biotechnology
* Applied Molecular Biology
* Biocatalysis and Bioreactors
* Downstream Processing

3. Food Science and Engineering
* Food Engineering
* Process and Product Development
* Functionality of Foods
* Food Packaging and Storage

4. Petroleum and Gas & Petrochemistry
* Refining and Processing
* Pipelines
* Natural Gas
* Petrochemistry

5. Technology and Innovation Management
* Process and Product Innovation
* Knowledge Management in Process Technology
* Strategies and Methodologies for Technological Innovation
* Technology Prospecting

6. Environmental Engineering
* Clean Technologies
* Effluent Treatment
* Environmental Management
* Monitoring and Remediation

7. Materials & Nanotechnology
* Catalysts
* Polymers
* Metallurgy and Corrosion
* Nanotechnology

8. Fundamentals
* Transport Phenomena
* Unit Operations
* Thermodynamics
* Numerical Methods
* Reaction Engineering

9. Education

  Call for Abstracts
The ENPROMER 2005 conference seeks technical contributions that have not been previously presented at other meetings or published in peer-reviewed journal. All contributions that fall within the proposed topical areas will be

Special attention will be given to contributions from industry and to developments featuring collaboration between industry and university. ENPROMER 2005 encourages the presence and active participation of industrial practitioners, which is considered very important for the success of the Congress. To that effect, the industry will have the opportunity to present case studies and technical innovations in special sessions.

In order to contribute to the conference, authors are invited to electronically submit a 200-300 word abstract via not later than October 29th 2004. Abstracts must be written in English and should contain title, authors, affiliations, address, keywords and the preferred main area. Authors of accepted abstracts will be requested to submit abridged length papers, written in English. Accepted contributions will be presented under two tracks: the oral track and the poster one.

All accepted papers will be published in the Congress proceedings that will be distributed at the Congress site during registration. Authors of papers selected by the Scientific Committees and attending the Congress will be invited to contribute full length papers for review and possible publications in one of the following journals:
* Latin American Applied Research
* Brazilian Journal of Chemical Engineering
* Electronic Journal of Biotechnology

Authors are then encouraged to submit original contributions to the Congress.


ENPROMER 2005 will be in Village Rio das Pedras, Club Med, Rio de Janeiro. For a virtual tour at Club Med, please go here.


  Congress Fees
The registration fees include conference materials, coffee breakes and reception. Special packages include registration (conference materials, coffee breakes and reception), transportation from the airport to CLUBMED, hotel accomodations and meals.

For Registration before May 31st, 2005 (Early Birds), a special discount is offered.

Accompanying persons will be charged US$320 including transportation from the airport to CLUBMED, hotel accomodations and meals.

Accepted papers, in order to be published in the ENPROMER Proceedings will need at least one author to be registered either as "Student" or as "Professional". "Student Fees" will allow registration of one work while "Full Fees" will support up to three papers.

  Registration Fees (US$) Package Fees (per person)
Early Birds
Professionals (*)
Early Birds
Single (US$) Double (US$)
445 350
470 375
505 415
550 455
(*) For members of the Brazilian Society of Chemical Engineers (ABEQ), an additional US$26 discount in the registration fees will be offered under proof of Society annual fee payment.

For those who will not stay at CLUBMED, a daily charge of US$10 will be




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